February 06, 2017

Creative Expression

Creativity in the Workplace – Yes!

The workplace is no longer meant to be a sterile, uninspired environment. Employers are quickly seeing the value of creative thinking and artistry as beneficial to outcomes. Nancy Brown, CEO of the American Heart Association, writing for Fortune Insiders, titled her article “Why you absolutely need creative employees.” She says, “Creative thinking serves as a catalyst; it inspires us to engage in conversation and analysis, and to assess all that might be possible.”

Featured author Barbara Dyer, president and CEO of The Hitachi Foundation published an article in Fortune Magazine expressing Why creativity is absolutely crucial in the workplace. She also sees the value of creativity, saying “Creativity is rapidly shifting from a “nice to have” to a “must have” quality for all types of successful organizations – from delicatessens to design firms. ”

Erik Wahl, guest author on The Importance of Creativity in the Workplace for AllBusiness Networks, suggests that creativity is necessary for optimal work, especially in the areas of creative thinking and creative problem solving. he shares that although this type of thinking may seem risky or scary at work, the results are worth it as “you’ll be unlocking more meaningful results.”

What are the benefits of the Stand Alone Creative Expression Certificate at Sofia University?

Students in the program learn how to work creatively through the arts to use creative thinking skills, and to “think outside of the box” to solve problems and make decisions. This certificate is easily applied to education, organizations, corporations, hospitals, schools and working with individuals.

Program Basics

Students in this 3-6 quarter, 19 unit stand-alone certificate program take courses with students specializing in Creativity and Innovation. Courses taken through this certificate program may be integrated into the MATP degree program at a later time.

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