July 30, 2014

Sofia University has had a turbulent year as we have addressed senior administrative leadership changes, missed enrollment projections and the resultant budget challenges, loss of academic leadership, including our founder, Bob Frager, in particularly damaging ways based in the administrative changes, and finally, we’ve done it all in a very public forum. There is a lot of information about Sofia’s situation available online, and we presume that most people thinking about whether to attend Sofia are finding this information while doing their “homework”; we actually appreciate and support the care taken in any discernment process regarding Sofia.

The good news is that we have moved well beyond where we were last year, the past is behind us, we have new leadership committed to the values and mission of Sofia, our founder is back, and we remain fully accredited by WASC and building for the future.

We have had some loss of faculty, but that was not due to any restructuring or layoffs; as often happens at the end of an academic year, we have had some well-earned retirements, some faculty have relocated or taken positions at other institutions, and we have had one death in our faculty family.

We also have some exciting initiatives in the works: we’re introducing graduate programs in both business management and computer science with an eye to the integration of transpersonal and psychological work into the core requirements of both programs. This puts Sofia in the forefront of radical thinking about the very nature of science and business education and the necessity for transpersonal and psychological skills to both. We are part of a rapidly evolving and innovative conversation that is transforming the traditional disciplines of computer science and business management.

At Sofia University we believe wisdom lies within each individual. In fact, wisdom is a core meaning of “Sofia”, and our approach to education facilitates access to our own wisdom, and to our own health, joy, insight and spiritual experience. We invite you to join us.

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