March 27, 2017

How can worldview literacy can be used to help people transform their behaviors, improve relationships, develop effective communication strategies, and enhance lived experience?

In this online course with Dr. Marilyn Schlitz with Dr. Deepak Chopra, students will explore the nature of worldviews, introducing the concept of worldview literacy as a pedagogy for examining our beliefs, perceptions, behaviors and biases. In addition, class content will assist students to identify methods for engaging in collaborative dialogues about diverse worldviews and beliefs as well as applying worldview literacy to transpersonal psychology and diverse perspectives and research findings.

Course Intentions:

  • Transform and calm discomfort around change and cultural complexity
  • Build community and authentic connection
  • Inspire more meaningful lives and choices based on increasing awareness about the fundamental nature of worldviews
  • Open up conversations with family, friends, clients, and patients
  • Speak unspoken concerns, beliefs and questions and help others to do so
  • Offer skillful means when dealing with encounters with people who have differing worldviews and cultural backgrounds
  • Deepen understanding of cross-cultural and epistemological views and in turn, one’s own worldviews, beliefs and perspectives

Course Activities to Meet Learning Outcomes:

  • Watch and listen to recorded lectures by instructors
  • Engage in centering practices that can be shared with others
  • Read and study chapters assigned from required textbook
  • Read and study assigned journal articles
  • Write 4 essays in accordance with APA standards exemplified in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th)
  • Comment on posted essays and offer feedback to peers based on the 4 essays
  • Special Project (Final): Conduct interviews and engage in ethnographic research about 3 specific worldviews and prepare a formal report in written (APA standard), PowerPoint, Podcast, or video forms
  • Journal to specific prompts before and after course.
  • Participate in 2 live zoom chats with Dr Schlitz


Watch as Professor of Consciousness Studies Deepak Chopra, introduces the course he is teaching with Dr. Marilyn Schlitz in his segment - World Views and How to Resolve Them.

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