January 30, 2017

John and Patty

Alumnus and Associate Core Faculty John Elfers, Ph.D. and former faculty member Patty Hlava, have just published their new book, The Spectrum of Gratitude ExperienceThe book extends the subject of gratitude to include transpersonal gratitude, a perspective often missing in discussions of gratitude in positive psychology and social psychology. Read John and Patty’s blog describing the development of the Transpersonal Gratitude Scale, a psychometric instrument developed by the authors to measure the features of transcendence that emerge with grateful experience.

More About the Book

From Goodreads.Drawing from current research in psychology, the social sciences, and spirituality, this book presents a comprehensive investigation into the heart of gratitude as it arises within lived experience and its role in nurturing relationships. It explores the range and depth of the emotion experience of gratitude and identifies its relationship with other indicators of wellbeing. New research by the authors reveals gratitude as a feature of transcendence and its connection to higher order experience including spirituality and religion. This book explores the potential for cultivating gratitude as a transformative practice for personal growth, enhancing relationships, and spiritual development.”

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