March 10, 2017

Saturday and Sunday, March 18 & 19, 2017
Sofia University, Palo Alto, CA

Sponsored by the Association for Transpersonal Psychology and the Sofia Counseling Center

Steven DrummingShamanism is an ancient and powerful spiritual tradition that remains relevant and effective in the 21st century. The most common practice of this time-tested tradition is the shamanic journey. In this seminar you will receive an initiation into the practice of shamanic journeying. You will learn an ancient spiritual method to interact and communicate with the spirit world for guidance, empowerment, healing, and personal transformation.

Dr. Schmitz will provide:

  • Instructions on how to journey to the lower world and the upper world in a safe and sacred way
  • An explanation of power animals, spirit teachers, non-ordinary states of consciousness, the three worlds, and shamanic cosmology
  • Instructions on how to work with the received messages from spirit
  • An understanding and experience of shamanic practices
  • Clear ways to use shamanism in your daily life to heal yourself, your community, and the earth

You will gain first-hand experience of the shamanic journey several times during the seminar. You will form relationships with your spirit allies and develop confidence in your journey prac-tice. Live drumming will be used for shamanic journeying, as it has for tens of thousands of years.

This introductory seminar does not require any previous experience or knowledge of shaman-ism. After completing this seminar and gaining the basic skills and knowledge of shamanic jour-neying, you will be able to participate in more advanced shamanic seminars with Dr. Schmitz.

Seminar Leader: Steven Schmitz, Ph. D. (Transpersonal Psychology), has a private practice in transpersonal counseling, shamanic counseling, and shamanic healing. Dr. Schmitz is a professor at Sofia University and an international teacher, lecturer, and seminar leader on topics of transpersonal psychology, shamanism, and healing. He was initiated into shamanic practice in 1974. Dr. Schmitz leads monthly Shamanic Journey Circles and offers shamanic ceremonies. He is President of the Association of Transpersonal Psychology (ATP) and a former board member of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS).

What to bring to the workshop: Comfortable clothes, a drum or rattle (if you have one), a jour-nal, a blanket, an eye-covering (bandana or scarf), and a sacred object for the altar.
Time: from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Location: Great Sophia Classroom, Sofia University, 1069 E. Meadow Circle, Palo Alto, CA 94303
The cost of the seminar: $180.00 for general public, $150.00 for ATP Members, $100.00 for graduate students.

Pre-registration is required and the number of participants is limited. Please register in advance by contacting the ITS Event Coordinator at:

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