February 10, 2017

DMLP_Poster-FinalThe film “Death Makes Life Possible” produced and written by Dr. Marilyn Schlitz and Dr. Deepak Chopra and directed by Mark Krigbaum, has just been awarded under the category “UNDISCOVERED (Must View)” in the Culture Unplugged film festival.

About the Film “Death Makes Life Possible

The film follows PhD chair Dr. Marilyn Schlitz, who had her own near death experience as a teenager, as she explores the meaning of death and how to live without fear. Interviews with such luminaries as Deepak Chopra, Dean Ornish, Dean Radin and others are shared along with personal stories of people facing their own encounters with death. Dr. Schlitz based her winter 2017 course Multiple Epistemologies on Death and the Afterlife” on the book and film.

What is the Culture Unplugged Film Festival?

(From the website) Culture Unplugged festivals support the awakening-global-citizenry in their quest to contemplate on the present form of individual being, the current stage of humanity, the nature/environment, as well as the ever-evolving spirit/consciousness.

How the Festival Team Chooses Awardees

The Culture Unplugged festival team selects a large group of films from all festival entries that they believe best embody the spirit, visions, and aspirations of the festival. These films are contemplative and attempt to consciously guide the global citizens toward a vision of integration or life of wholeness. They are presented under the “Undiscovered” section of the site on a rotating basis, and this reward goes to the film in that section that has been recognized the most by the audience as well as by a special panel of evolutionaries and storytellers.

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