December 20, 2016

Death makes life possible


DMLP_Poster-FinalCan the fear of death be transformed into an inspiration for living?

Professors Marilyn Schlitz, PhD and Deepak Chopra, MD consider a wealth of teachings and practical guidance within the field of transpersonal psychology and trans disciplinary science on how to turn this taboo topic into a source of peace, hope, connection, and compassion.

Working with the documentary film and book, Death Makes Life Possible and other related multi-media materials, we will consider insights and reflections by eminent psychologists, scientists, scholars, spiritual leaders, devout skeptics, health practitioners, and people from all walks of life, to understand myriad ways that we grow and change by expanding our perspectives and ways of knowing about the ultimate mystery facing each one of us.

Students will be invited to consider their own and others’ worldviews on death and the afterlife, and engage in an epistemological examination of how we know what we know about these core existential issues. All masters and doctoral level students are invited to attend! Course Code #6415  Course Name: Multiple Epistemologies of Death and the Afterlife and their Personal and Social Implications

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